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Empire Chicken

Empire Chicken
1024 512 The Empire Hotel

No fowl play – Empire Chicken dishes up tasty rotisserie chicken in The Valley

If your mouth inadvertently drools when walking past the rotisserie chicken section at the supermarket, then you have to get a load of what’s on offer at Empire Chicken. Empire Hotel’s new chicken-centric food concept is dishing out some seriously tasty feeds, while the bar itself is getting into the sharing spirit with some very impressive (and…

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Empire Hotel
1024 576 The Empire Hotel


Empire Chicken has settled in to roost in the Empire Hotel on the corner of Ann and Brunswick Streets, and specialises in succulent free-range chicken. A top-of-the-line rotisserie oven has been shipped in from France to cook these birds to perfection, which will be served across a range of burgers and salads (and even as…

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